Mood changing crazy chocolate cake

I Blame Spiker

Mood changer hell-of-a-cake-destined-to-test-your-marriage-to-the-limits

This all started with Spiker telling me about this cloud biscuit recipe she came across online. It sounded like a real interesting recipe where the biscuit looks cloud-like and you can actually stand it up on its side so that it really does look like, errrr, a cloud. I was beginning to fantasize about making different types of clouds (cumulus, errr, and other named clouds) and thinking how fantastic it would be to incorporate that with a weather topic to cover with the brood for home edding.

Unfortunately, Spiker forgot to save the web address for the recipe. So those rain cloud biscuits will just have to wait. I did however come across this chocolate cloud cake recipe and since I am premenstrual, obviously there was NO other option but to make this cake.

My conscience was clear. I had baked the Genoise cake I needed for the base of the cheesecake I plan to make on Saturday and I had even tidied my bedroom (no doubt Slaveboy will read that as a signal that Le Sex is on the card but oh boy, will he be sorely disappointed).
So here is the recipe that I used. Mine didn’t quite create as spectacular a crater I was hoping for and I think I slightly overwhisked the cream. BUT, we (slaveboy and myself) did think it was a good idea not to be in the same room with each othe for half an hour after eating a slice and being the blog amateur that I am, I forgot to take a picture of it until after we had devoured half of the cake. The children did not ask for a second slice and nor did they ask for the tub of sweeties they were given by Jo, a family friend. In fact, all of them are nowhere to be seen in the house (bar two older children who are at the cinema dressed as Bellatrix and Death Eater from Harry Potter).

I was planning to have a chat with slaveboy about how much I wanted open shelves in the kitchen and I know for a fact he hates the idea but then he is a utilitarianistic, anally retentive old fashioned curmudgeon (harsh words I know but this is afterall my blog so I can say whatever I want! ;p). I reckon that conversation should be postponed a while until the effects of the chocolate hit wears off. Afterall, 36 is a bit young to be a widow and I don’t fancy changing the lightbulbs myself.

So, would I make this cake again?
DEFINITELY. Not regularly but it does fulfill that terrible craving for chocolae that I get from time to time. At some point, remind me to share with you this other recipe that I have of a very rich chocolate torte that I have. Like this cake, if contains no flour but more dense in texture and doesn’t require anh baking (if I recall properly) other than for the base. It does however have a scandalous amount of cream in it.


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