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My peppers are wonky cos you sabotaged them…

I am fucking tired. Needless to say that Spiker is too. Spiker is being a real trooper and undertaking ALL of the cooking for tomorrow’s lunch at the private educational establishment we are working at for this week. This is so I can take my son to Brighton to his comic book workshop, and at the same time giving me the opportunity to pick up some essential from the Oriental shop Yum Yums.

It’s not particularly the cooking lunches bit that is knackering, I think it is more to so with the fact that I am not used to waking up AND getting up at 7a.m. In the Hersponge household, we sort of wake up around 8, roll out of bed at 9 and shuffle for breakfast half an hour later. Things just simple don’t happen earlier than 11. It is also Hersponge sproglet number 5’s birthday party on the 2nd and I suspect that I have invited 50 people. I am not quite sure how I managed that. Nevertheless, these people will need feeding (can you detect that desperate tone of traditional Malay mother who always has to make sure that she has overfed her guests?). So, I have been baking at night when I get back. Despite all this I am still falling behind. This could be because I insisted that I made a strawberry and whipped cream meringue for my nephew’s fiance who had just given birth to their beautiful baby boy less than two days ago. An hour before that (before making the meringue, not before the baby was born), I was making my third attempt at pineapple=upside-down-cake. And you know what, it might as well have stayed upside down. I am gonna give up on that cake. The only time I managed to make it half decent was when I used real pineapples and caramelised it myself.

I have also received some piccies from Spiker of the Tea Party. I am quite pleased with the pictures but really do think that we need more practise at this. I might do that at Sproglet number 5’s party this Sunday. I thought I might share some pictures with you.

Globules of Sprinkles!!!

Globules of Sprinkles!!!

When Spiker's OH saw these muffins, I think I grossed him out by asking him if he thought the golden edible flecks looked like fish food.

When Spiker's OH saw these muffins, I think I grossed him out by asking him if he thought the golden edible flecks looked like fish food.

Anyway, I have lots of random pictures that I might put into one post later on. Night all.


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