I Am Joy

>Well, that isn’t quite the truth considering the palaver we are having with moving at the moment. I won’t bore you with details but suffice to say that progress is being held up by one member of the extended family and he ain’t moving at any other pace but of a snail’s.

A week or so ago, there was a week long mini festival called I Am Joy which showcased a range of arts related workshops throughout the week facilitated by local artists. Slaveboy and the Prodigal Step Son were hired to be in charge of productions and thankfully, (aside from the one incident where a bouncer annoyed the hell out of him with his thuggishness, so much so PSS had to be talked out of going for the bouncer with a claw hammer), the Prodigal Step Son came out of this not having harmed anyone physically. Slaveboy’s nerves were shod a bit and even more so my friend’s who did the talking him out of it bit, and I really shouldn’t laugh but frankly, it’s beginning to be such a regular occurence, I feel like I am living in my own soap opera.

Anyhoo, back to I Am Joy. I didn’t get to go to many of the weeklong events. I did manage to peer into their Art Gallery down South Street where they had turfed the floor of the premises for the festival. That looke absolutely fabulous and I wish I had actually gone there when it was open so I could have kicked off my shoes and just feel the grass beneath my feet, but instead I only managed to peer through the front window sometime during the night when I was out watching Slaveboy’s band do a gig.
I did however make it to the Saturday finale in the local park where there was a definite Glastonbury’s Green Fields feel to it. A few friends turned up too, one couple came with their French listening dog. They disappeared off for lunch at some point and left their dog in the care of my 11 year old daughter. It was a bit funny as the dog only understood French and was completely ignoring my daughter pretty much most of the time.

Isn’t she cute? She was pretty thirsty and my daughter kept having to go back to the hous to get her more water, but then this park is supposed to be dog free but by the end of the day, there were about four dogs in park – all behaving and getting along apart from the few incidents where we had to retrieve the French dog’s stick from a poodle with a colourful hairband on. I know. That was surreal.
There was also this performance by the local Youth Theatre group which captivated the audience and had me cracking up with laughter. They were dressed up as Beefeaters and ended up dancing to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. I managed to get some photos of then in action.

The children had a grand time. They had some blueberry ice cream and also some homemade vegetarian sausage rolls and cinnamon rolls too. It was also the week when our littlest madam decided to come out of her nappies so we were all on toilet alert. She did pretty well. I think she had a couple of minor mishaps but nothing too serious.


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