I Got Bored…


And Dr. Christine Northrup did say in her book that women who deny their creative side are more susceptible to women’s problems…. (I think she meant stuff like fibroids etc. which is really ironic as the one woman who had fibroid whom I was a midwife for, well she was like the MOST creative woman I had ever come across, so go figure). 

So anyway, I have had in my possession some gel food colouring that I have been using for tinting my fondants. Today I thought I would give doing tattoo inspired edible artwork a go. Well, edible they still are, but I am not sure if I would call them artwork. It has been 19 years since I picked up a paintbrush and painted, or drew for that matter and even when I was in high school, my lovely Chinese Arts teacher Mrs. Tan discouraged me from using colours and used to hand me pencils instead. I think I know why now. The gel food colouring was tricky to get used to and I didn’t have a range of brushes to my disposable and I was unsure as to whether I could successfully dilute the gels. 

I am quite happy considering this is my first attempt and I think I will keep at this. One thing for sure though, I don’t think I will be chancing this process on the birthday cake I will be making for my sister-in-law’s 60th birthday party. 

So here they are, my colourful etchings on rolled fondant. 

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