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Happy birthday to me!


It’s my birthday today and I was woken up by children scurrying in the hallway, giggling.

I’ve just had all of them on my bed, bearing gifts and handmade cards.

The Small, Shouty one is back in bed with me, with her hand delving into my underarm, declaring “I love armpits, they’re warm!”.

It was only two minutes ago that she was visibly disappointed that I hadn’t shared my birthday chocolates.

Lalla spent last night making my birthday cake. She only forgot to add the vanilla extract and yoghurt. I think she did very well with piping on the buttercream ruffles, especially as it’s her first attempt.

The sun is shining and there hasn’t been blood curdling scream from the kitchen downstairs yet. The Small, Shouty one for the first time EVER is complaining about the lack of pants, rather than because she’s been told to wear them.

It’s already a great day.


One thought on “Happy birthday to me!

  1. Violetsouffle says:

    One of your kids made that cake? Holy crap hon, it’s so pretty! What a lucky mama! Also, happy birthday to you three days late 😦

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