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Forever Nigella – Salad Days In A Glass

Salad of strawberry puree, lightly whipped elderflower cream, raspberries suspended in lemon jelly, more elderflower cream, raspberry cream puree & Chantilly cream

There is something about this photo that reminds me of summer. The Small Shouty One has her pretty party frock on as it is Slaveboy’s birthday today. Sssshhh, noone say anything about it, Slaveboy doesn’t do birthdays. She’s had it on since early this morning as so far she’s got lipstick on it (Chanel Lover shade), the 7th Wonder has had a go at it with felt tip (Crayola blue, thick chiseled tipped) and I think there’s sweet pickle (probably Tesco Value) from lunch on it too. She smells of a combination of body heat, sweet sweat and candy.

The sproglettes have been rushing in and out of the kitchen wondering when they are going to be allowed today’s treat. This will be my first ever Forever Nigella entry and I had been looking forward to joining for a while now. Dom at The Belleau Kitchen is hosting it this month and I have been very good at not hassling him on Twitter for details until he was good and ready to post it.

I have to admit, I was rather disappointed with the theme, not because I think it isn’t good but because I really, really, really, REALLY don’t like salad. Like seriously. There was a little bit of the light at the end of the tunnel when I was told that fruit salad was acceptable and I’m afraid, I have really run away with the whole fruit salad idea.

I really do associate salad with summer and summer to me are strawberries, raspberries, elderflower, jelly and cream. Light, whippy and scented. I drew my inspiration from here but decided that it simply wasn’t decadent enough.

The whole recipe is a little bit of an approximation really. The ingredients are as such.

1. A punnet of English strawberries (reserve enough to decorate each glass of salad you are doing – I needed 9). Puree the rest.

2. Two punnets of raspberries. Reserve 4-5 for each glass you are making and puree the rest. Strain it to remove the pips.

3. Double cream.

4. Elderflower cordial or St. Germaine’s elderflower liquer.

5. Sachet of lemon jelly. Prepare according to instructions.

6. A little bit of icing sugar and vanilla extract.


– Divide the strawberry puree between your glasses.
– Whip the 2/3rds of the cream til medium peaks and add elderflower cordial/liquer to taste. This will make the cream softer.
– Using a piping bag, fill the glass with about an inch or two of the elderflower cream. Please remember, amounts are relative to the size of your glass.
– Arrange the reserved raspberries in a circle above the piped cream.
– Carefully spoon in cool-ish jelly liquid until the raspberries are covered.
– Leave it to just set.
– Pipe more whipped elderflower cream in.
– Blend some unwhipped double cream with the strained raspberry puree til you have something the consistency of a milky puree/smoothie.
– Spoon this into the glass, try leaving a little bit of a gap before the rim of glass.
– Whip the rest of the double cream with vanilla extract until a firm consistency and add some icing sugar to taste.
– Using another piping bag with a 6-point star nozzle, piped around the glass, anchoring the cream on the rim. Fill the middle with cream.
– Decorate with a reserved strawberry.
– Chill.


6 thoughts on “Forever Nigella – Salad Days In A Glass

  1. Lesley says:

    oh wow – if THAT is your version of fruit salad I REALLY want to see your version of knickerbocker glory 😉

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