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7th Wonder Is ONE

On this coming Wednesday, that is.

And she has a bruised lump on her head to show for it.

We have been struggling to keep her in her highchair lately as baby trapeze artist is her new act at the moment. We thought fixing a harness to the chair would help but that didn’t seem to stop her from bashing her head on the table following a gregarious sneeze.

We had been planning her first birthday party for a while now as we really wanted to invite a number of people who were showed us so much kindness when 7th Wonder had a poorly start to her life. We even tried to gather as many of her milk mothers who donated breastmilk which Slaveboy smuggled into the Special Care Baby Unit. Words fail me in trying to describe how thankful we are to get to this point in her life when we are celebrating her first birthday.

Don’t you just love Chunk’s hair? I swear he spends more time on his hair in the mornings than any woman I know.

Parties at the SniffSnort household tend to be pretty laid back. The sproglettes have equal say into who get on the invite list and they all chip in with getting the house ready for it. In fact, the night before, Izzy The Rockstar was in my apron and his rollerblades, baking brownies for the party.

Much cake was consumed by all. The sugar rush came in pretty pronto and I soon had to engage some proactive parenting when I found The Small Shouty One outside with her two friends, washing her arms and hands with dirt. She did get to do the walk of shame to the bathroom but not before defiantly rubbing more dirt onto her face. It wasn’t long before the rest were frogmarched to the bathroom too.

Apparently, there was still space for more after after 2 cheesecakes, cupcakes and brownies were devoured. I couldn’t get close enough to get an up-close photo but hey ho, sometimes real life experiences trump blogging opportunities big time. 😉

This was the birthday cake. I was really running out of time the night before and quickly made sheet cakes which I constructed into a small two tiered cake. The icing was made the the next morning and I quickly decorated the cake whilst the family were catching up on Doctor Who. I got really good feedback for the icing. This is the same Swiss meringue buttercream that a friend’s friend said tasted like warm ice-cream. I’m kinda hoping that that is a good thing.

Here’s 7th Wonder sporting her newly acquired birthday present. A soft doll and a child sized sling. She spent a fair amount of time crawling around the floor with it, stopping to breastfeed her baby.

It was a fantastic party. Friends turned up to celebrate with us and at one point, I think we had 56 people in our living room. Despite my initial neurosis, the was actually enough food for everyone. Even Slaveboy forgave me for not making TWO baked New York cheesecakes. There were no gargantuan temper tantrums and 7th Wonder really enjoyed herself. In fact, she insisted on having her party dress back on for breakfast this morning.


7 thoughts on “7th Wonder Is ONE

  1. Nonna says:

    Many, many congrats. 7th Wonder is, indeed, a marvel. As are all the sproglettes. Sorry to not make the party. xxxxx

  2. Stacey says:

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Harper! (sorry it’s late x) And big love and respect to the rest of the family for getting through that tough year and managing to bake, skate blog etc too! I love the cake pic with big sis xxx

  3. Lesley says:

    We were all totally gutted about missing the party, so it’s lovely to get to see the lovely Harper enjoying it at last! Hope you’re all having a great day, shall be dropping her gift off later today xx

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