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Invasion of the Familial Kind

It is less than a week to go before my family arrives to visit us from Malaysia. The wheels are in motion to welcome them. Percy the Pirate has been at work sanding and glossing our downstair windows and he is about to give our front door its first repaint in a very long time – think in term of decades rather than mere years. The children have been clearing out the laundry room and for the first time in months, we can actually see daylight in the back hall. The laundry room has actually been mopped twice today, three times in the last two days. Some nasty noxious chemicals are currently eradicating my oven of the greasy residue it has acquired in the six months we have had it. I have rid the iMac screen of layers of fingerprints, food spills and sneeze splatters. That in itself took half an hour. We are halfway through digging up the weeds in the borders. Friends will be round tomorrow with their caravan that will house my brother and his wife for two weeks and my sister-in-law is at hand with freshly laundered beddings.

Our laundry mistress is getting quite strict about the wheres (no dirty laundry to be left upstairs any longer) and whens (every morning, or when it becomes necessary. Lalla has also devised signs and new chore lists, all in triplicates, two posted up in different areas of the house and one copy held by her in cases of sign sabotage or AWOLness. Even visiting Spiker was shown the chore rota and Spiker was relieved to discover that her name hadn’t been stealthily inserted into the rota.

I reckon Lalla should be blogging on how home educating families could motivate themselves and achieve a more fulfilling work/play balance.

Aside from almost missing the fact that the Small Shouty One had packed her backpack and was trying to sneak into Spiker’s car as she was about leaving, we got through the day with few mishaps. Of course, we will not be mentioning about the minor set-to two sisters had which resulted in water being tipped over one’s head and the ensuing physical scuffle that followed.

And there I thought girls only pulled hair when they fought.

It was one of those jaw dropping moments where I really had wished that I wasn’t the responsible parent there. The sort of scenario where you really needed a proactive parent at hand.

So I asked Izzy the Rockstar to deal with it.

And like any other 14, near 15 year old older brother would do, he responded to the situation by attempting to film it so that he could YouTube it.

And yes, people, I might be painting homeschooling in a less than perfect light, but dang nebbit, shit happens even with the most close knit families.

And this has nothing to do with homeschooling, it’s about what happens sometimes when you are in each other’s pocket for too long.

And also to do with how sometimes siblings are just shit to each other and us parents occasionally just gotta let the figure it out themselves because from my experience, there have been times I would get so wound up about the tussles they were having only to realise later that they’ve patched things up and moved on, whilst I was still in the corner seething quietly.

In this instance, it did resolve itself. We all sat down and watched East Is East. After I tried to inflict Metropolis on them.

I failed spectacularly.

We did have a brief moment discussing religion, and I was trying to explain the type of religious upbringing I had. It was scuppered tremendously by one child successfully validating his Jedi faith status.


6 thoughts on “Invasion of the Familial Kind

  1. spiker says:

    I’m loving the preparations in progress for the forthcoming visit. You seem to have omitted your essential shopping trip for jumpers. Since it is summer and the shops are stocked with more revealing items, I have found a couple that you could knock up whilst sitting in front of Metropolis:

    I especially like the one with the woman wielding the golf club. Perhaps with a jaunty neck scarf – maybe something with a nautical theme? et voila as Raymond would say.

    • I’m sorry. You must have mistaken me as your friend!!! Snort. Ho hum. I shall go shopping. I was rather thinking of buying a burkini, a la Nigella Lawson’s latest beachwear?

      And anyone who decides to organise 2for1 outings to Wests in the next two weeks will have their name crossed off my christmas card list.

  2. Lesley says:

    East is East – is that the one where the eldest son is rather arty and makes a mould of an oft-hidden body part? Love the fact the ITRS tried to U-Tube his sisters’ fight – sigh. Sadly, am kind of pleased to know I’m not the only HE Mum who tears her hair out and gets worked up over sibling rivalry, often to find out that a peace accord was met some time ago. Chin up, hey?

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