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Eleanor, Gee, I Think You’re Swell

This is the song I’ve been humming all day long because I’ve been making mini cupcakes for a long time midwifery sister with the same name. It’s her birthday party this Sunday and I am sad to miss it, even more so now that I seem to be quite useless with keeping in touch with my midwifery colleagues.
I would post photos of the cupcakes but it’s gone one in the morning and I’ve just crawled into bed. This post will not have a recipe attached to it but I promise to make up for this pretty pronto. I’ve just left Slaveboy downstairs eating toasts, posh piccalilli (he prefers Tesco’s own but seeing that we don’t shop there, it would’ve been impossible for us to have any) and Stilton that has been lurking around since before Christmas in the fridge. So guess which boy won’t get a goodnight kiss later?

7th Wonder having an altercation with Teddy

Just minutes ago, the 7th Wonder was scrounging some toast from Slaveboy and now, she’s now fast asleep on my lap. It’s been a crazy old hectic day. The novelty of the borrowed caravan which arrived on our drive yesterday has worn off. Hay fever has hit our family really hard and everyone is a bit tetchy with it. Even Percy the Pirate was suffering and being less rrraaahrrrr today.

Firstborn has been a star today. She made me scrambled eggs on toasts (I’m now thinking maybe I shouldn’t have had two more eggs for dinner after that but don’t fret SniffSnorters, I have eaten lots of chocolate to counteract any potential issues). She’s also painted the porch and the downstair’s loo. I could try to be funny and say that she is well worth the four cows and three goats dowry but seeing that I am Asian, you might take me seriously.

Lalla on the other hand has been cranky, but I think this might have something to do with the fact that she has her diving assessment tomorrow err, today.

I love that photo of her taken at the first diving competition she entered, for which she got first prize.

Slaveboy will be driving her tomorrow (saving her the 5:30am start to catch her train) as he needs to get to Ike-arrrgh to buy Billys and mattresses.

And as I am writing this, I can hear the Small Shouty One stirring. So I shall share with you proof of how much housework we have done. My kitchen. With its surfaces clear for the first time in months. Clear for long enough for Slaveboy to oil the wood. When I left it late last night early this morning, it didn’t look like that anymore.

Excuse the silhouette of the bins outside the window. We have a hermit living at the bottom of our drive and he is usually really good at arranging the bins but I suspect the appearance of a borrowed caravan on our drive has distracted him somewhat.

If you are new to SniffSnortland and you’re wondering what all the shenanigans with the house decorating is all about, you might want to read this and oh, also this.


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