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Postcard From The Edge

Oh, how they marvelled at the pinkness of the skin and the ginger tinge in her hair.

I really do apologise for my tardiness, SniffSnorters but I am thoroughly running to keep up. I’ve done plenty of baking (pavlovas, strawberry shortcakes) and even made my own beef green Thai curry and chicken with a sweet chilli glaze. However, I have been lazy with the camera and I’m afraid this is yet another recipe-less post.

Service will resume as normal once I get used to hearing my Mum rummaging in her luggage at 3am in the morning. Until then, just revel in the 7th Wonder’s cuteness.


4 thoughts on “Postcard From The Edge

  1. SO glad you’re enjoying having your family around! Your kids are so darn cute I could eat them! Great photos don’t know how you manage to juggle it all! How’s the caravan arrangement going? xx

  2. Lesley says:

    All delays in recipe service COMPLETELY forgiven by utter cuteness of pics of 7th Wonder 🙂 Hope all going well re visitation? xx

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