At the very least,

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So I’ve heard that independent midwifery will definitely be legislated out of existence in 2013. I feel gutted for my midwifery sisters who have been fighting this battle for so long. There is a little part of me who feels bad for having bailed out two years ago. It’s a huge loss and potentially one that will carry devastating implications. Maybe it’s just a stop point in what will be a long journey still for women’s choice, personal liberty, the provision of maternity services and the future health of our nation. Maybe the women and families will have to witness exactly the true impact of this decision before they finally realise what they’ve lost. 


3 thoughts on “At the very least,

  1. Lesley says:

    ASDA?? Is this a good thing? Whilst I can’t have any more kids I think it’s disgusting that women have so little freedom of choice when it comes to how/where and with (or without!) whom they choose. Very depressing.

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