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Family Portrait & The Park Tavern

I’ll have you know I almost became a single mother today. It was that bad.

My Mum had requested for some photos of the family. Proper family photos. Not the candid Facebook wall post variety. So the plan was to frogmarch the children to the park across the road for some proper photos.

It all went pear shaped this morning when I discovered that I had no socks. Not even dirty ones. I couldn’t even open my wardrobe because we’d propped the duet piano stool against the doors to make space for the extra two beds we had to temporarily put in our bedroom whilst my visiting family are here.

When I finally got downstairs, my family had already left for the umpteenth instalment of their shopping pilgrimage and Slaveboy was glued to eBay on the computer and the children were reenacting a scene from the Lord of the Flies.

We did finally get to the park but not before threats were made (I’m amazed what great mediators my older children have become), Firstborn being told to put away the tripod and her DSLR, shoes being unlaced and children walking around like Slaveboy had eaten their last samosa.

To say I’m less than thrilled with the result is an understatement. Most of the photos looked like the half Asian version of Addams Family being forced to have a summer holiday. In none of the photos did all the children collectively manage to look like they didn’t point at aeroplanes and move their lips when they read. Oh, and I think Zak Cool still had his pyjama top on.


But in the interest of sheer brutal honesty, I will share with you a couple of shots.

My chin doppleganger was out with much gaiety.

And these WEREN’T the reject shots.

After that much excitement, I decided that Slaveboy and I very much deserved some food cooked by someone else. We headed to our local, said hello to our favourite hound and ordered ourselves a cheeseburger each.

I LOVE the presentation!!!!

The burger came with lollo rosso leaves, fries, onion rings and coleslaw.

And the bucket of fries was really a whole bucket of fries.

I really cannot rate the Park Tavern any higher than I am. Somehow, they have succeeded in being our local. The staff are friendly, the ambience is laid-back, the patrons come from a cross section of the community and the food is just simply good honest food well made.

I simply love it in there.


7 thoughts on “Family Portrait & The Park Tavern

  1. Love it. You all look fab. I especially like how John comes across as a patriarch, all he needs is a top hat and fob watch.
    I am reasonably sure that he is not a patriarch. Aida you’re looking great.

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