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All Time Favourite Children’s Books

This came in the post for me today. I’ve been coveting this book for months now and it was finally at a price that I could justify buying. I came across this book when the children did their 10 week long art workshop at Aspex Gallery a couple of years ago where they were introduced to paper-cutting. My experience at the gallery has spurned my interest in visually heavy books with minimal written words. Being the sort of person who favours the written word, I find books which use images intriguing because I have to use other ways of reading. I’m studying lines, and light and lack of words. This has led me to wonderful graphic books like below.

However, this wasn’t the post I had intended for today. I’m in the process of baking something but it’s proving a little bit problematic. You should never try to make pastry when five children are in the kitchen with you trying to make a mass of sandwiches and bowls of noodles for lunch. So hence, I am digging out a draft post I have had lingering and I’m gonna work it. I’ve been walking around like a bear with a sore head. I don’t know why. The family however, bless their hearts, have decided to ignore my bullishness and just carry on. It pisses the hell out of me but frankly, it is about the only thing to do with me when I get this way.

But the reality is, I am really envying these kitties. How I wish I could crawl into a box and just ignore the world. The family is still recovering from the 2 week visit from my Malaysian family and I am still sore from taking an almighty tumble during roller derby night last Tuesday. Suffice to say I have a third butt cheek due to falling down on my hip. I have new SureGrip Rebel Invader quad skates and the damn buggers just don’t stop rolling even when I want them to.

I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts about the myriad of children’s books I have come across since becoming a parent. These are definitely my all time favourites.

Mummy Laid An Egg

My children adore this book. They cackle and chortle when they get to the rudey-nudey bits and to some extent, it is pretty truthful about sex and baby making.

The Wolves in the Walls

Great introduction to creepy stories. I love Neil Gaiman and I think he does scary-benign really well.

The Whales’ Song

This was Lalla’s favourite book when she was younger. It’s hauntingly beautiful and non-patronising. I absolutely hate books which dumb down children and belittle them by an assault of colours and small words.

The Little Prince

My all time favourite. You must read it, if you haven’t. That’s all.

The Wild Washerwomen

Feminism for pre-schoolers. A must read.

The Kiss That Missed

Sweet and tender. Izzy the Rock Star’s favourite book when he was younger.

Drop Dead

Everything a child needs to know about growing old, dying, death and reincarnation.

How I Live Now

You must read this. Beautifully written. I couldn’t put it down.

Crazy Hair

I bought this book for the Small Shouty One. This book is her completely. She’s always had big, wild hair that seems to have a life of its own.

The Biggest Bed In The World

And this book feels like home.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Every child should be read this. It reminds them how incredible they really are.


2 thoughts on “All Time Favourite Children’s Books

  1. spiker says:

    You filed your cats. I mean seriously, how OCD is that? One wonders where the dog is – though since he is more butch than bitch these days, he probably doesn’t fit in a box anymore.

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