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Playing With Food

Yesterday’s post where I talked about how The Small Shouty One regards cooking as more a crafting experience than culinary one got me thinking. I’m not great with being free with the paints and pots of water, neither do I warm to magic sand. A lot of what I do baking wise really capture the interest of The Small Shouty One. In fact, everything that I get up to is of interest to her, even down to the number of children I have. Last night, she declared that she was going to have MORE children than me, in fact she was going to have TEN. She said she was going to start young and carry on for longer. I didn’t say anything to discourage her. I wasn’t going to perpetuate the stigma attached to young mothers.

As you probably have gleaned, this blog is about my baking passion, weaved around our family life and adventures. Around a year or so ago, The Small Shouty One’s friend, Finn made her play dough for her birthday. It’s been one of her most precious possessions and she was quite upset when it dried out and became unusable.

So in a bid to rein in her feral-ness a little (we’ve almost conquered the daily hair brushing now), I thought I might make her some play dough. Not normal play dough though because I don’t know how to make that and I don’t have enough salt in the house.

I do however have marshmallows in the house and also icing sugar and we all know that icing sugar is the skin shedding of Satan and must be rid off this planet. What better way that to use it to make a child’s craft material so it can be pummelled and stretched and poked into oblivion.

The recipe is simple. Like so.

Marshmallow Fondant Play Dough

8 oz. marshmallows, torn into half if using normal sized ones
2 tbsp. water
1lb icing sugar

Take the marshmallows and put them in a pan with the water. Melt it on the hob gently. Take great care because it will get hot and it will get sticky.
When the marshmallows are almost melted, take it off the hob and stir it further until completely melted.
If you have a tabletop mixer, place the icing sugar into its bowl and dump the melted marshmallow in. Using a dough hook attach attachment, knead the two ingredients together.

It will be super sticky and I’m not sure if you would want to enrol the help of a child to make this. It takes a helluva elbow grease and hot marshmallow burns.

Once the mixture is sort of mixed, turn it out on to a surface dusted with icing sugar and start kneading. You want to knead it until the stickiness reduces significantly so add a little more using sugar if it’s too sticky still. I’m afraid you are going to ave to go by feel here. If you’ve ever worked with normal cake covering fondant before, you want the texture of this marshmallow fondant play dough to be firmer than that. Marshmallow fondant play dough is slightly elastic and ever so slightly tacky.

The play dough will now be ready to use. I divided mine into 8 and coloured it with food dye. Please don’t use liquid food colouring. It won’t work. I have gel food dyes and only need to use the tiniest amount. Work the dye in well, the play dough will feel like it’s gone tackier. Don’t worry. It will firm up once you let it rest. I also used some edible glitter to bling bling the whole thing up.

Play factor? Two hours so far and she’s still going.

The pitfall? Your child will bring you an edible offering.

And you will have to eat it.


3 thoughts on “Playing With Food

  1. How long do you think it would keep? I mean not the eating part but if you wanted to clear away and play another day. When my Smalls want play-doh they want it FAST & the old skool flour~salt combo makes in under 5 minutes in the kitchen aid and lasts a while. I am just wondering if I make this how long it would last.

    • I pop them in the fridge but they will need warming and a little bit of kneading. Shouty One quite likes the whole elbow grease effort bit and this suits her because she likes the idea of it being edible. As far as texture goes, I prefer this over normal playdough as this is slightly elastic. I treat it like fondant, it keeps quite well.

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