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Those Who Can’t Do……

Firstborn has been doing a college BTEC photography course. It has been life changing in a sense that she has discovered that she has a natural talent for it. I do admit that seeing that I am her Mother, I may be a tad biased but I can’t help but see immense talent. However, I don’t think my opinion is shared by her photography teacher.

Firstborn finds it incredible that he ignores her in class.

He only offers feedback when the final submission has been made, even when she had approached him numerous times with her drafts.

He seems to think that photoshop is a cure all and that everything is improved by its application.

And dear Mr. Fancy pants wedding photographer teacher,

In what universe are these photographs not good enough for your poxy little college gallery exhibitions, seeing that you deem Facebook-esque camera phone shots acceptable as work submission for your BTEC photography course?

What’s that saying about those who can’t do?

So fellow SniffSnorters, if you have a spare five minutes, head over to Firstborn’s photography blog, Dancing In My Converse, and give the girl a lil morale boost.


8 thoughts on “Those Who Can’t Do……

  1. Lindy says:

    Aida I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your daughter is an undiscovered mega photography star! She has talent Sooo huge this poxy little provincial ‘never gonna make it’ photography teacher is wetting his pants he’s scared she’s so much better than him!!

  2. Andi says:

    Aida I have discovered that this is so often the case. Those who teach are often unable to do to a standard worthy of those under their instruction. I’ve seen it with film students too, where tutors rubbish scripts because the tutor doesn’t “get” an idea, ruining months of work. Your Firstborn’s blog is wonderful and I love reading it and seeing her work as much as I love reading yours. I once had a maths teacher who hated me. She did everything in her power to scupper my plans for life. A few years post school I met her in town and told her what I was doing. Her comment, “oh you got there anyway”. At that point I realised that often these teachers of ours are momentary insignificants and play little or no impact on the grand scheme of our lives. A time limited inconvenience whilst we move on to our destiny.
    And a note for her, not only is she very talented, she is also incredibly beautiful too. I think her photography teacher can’t deal with both. Good photographers do not need to rely on photoshop, as your daughter is showing with her work.

  3. Thanks, you guys. I will definitely pass these comments on to her. Last night we were having that conversation about how she may want to pick her battles re; does she do what he wants her to do with her photos in order to get the maximum marks. I think she’s finally realising how sometimes schools are about jumping hoops rather than learning something.

  4. Littlepurplegoth says:

    Have waved these shots and blog past the ‘tog husbad… Bloody good is what he said. He wonders if it may be that firstborn is obviously already well past btec first standard… And commercial to boot :-).

    To whit he and I both suggest that you get hold of the mark scheme etc from btec (it’s usually on their website Listed by course identifier) and break it down with her submissions. Btec is very clear – you meet the tick box etc you get the marks regardless of what an individual lecturer thinks of you ;-). you just need the paperwork showing the various stages have been followed, it’s *not* a creative course at this level 😦

    (he could be entering moderation hell if he’s marking down good work and up ghastly)

  5. Well that teacher sounds like he is not only wasting his time but the time of the young people who depend on his ‘expertise’. Yuck. I am a teacher, but I am also very good at the job that I now teach young people and university level students to do. I teach because its part time and being in work full time is not an option for me because I Home-Ed.
    I LOVE my jobs and I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I felt even one of my students was not getting the attention they ask for. I think your first born should spend more time dancing in her converse and less time letting this man ‘teach’ her anything. Her photographs are lovely ( I esp like the portraits) and the use of light and texture. Boo to the bad man.

  6. Lesley says:

    I have told her several times on her blog that her photos are amazing – it makes me SO angry that so-called educators/facilitators rubbish enthusiastic and talented students – nil illegitimi carborandum!!

  7. Ooh I like a good old look at photos! They’re all fab – I’m just working my way through her blog now so will comment once I’m done 🙂

    When I was in college a couple of years ago doing my art foundation, my lecturer told me my work was tacky, and cheesy – which was a GREAT confidence boost I’m sure you’ll agree. So to rebel against his nasty comments (that he chose to say in front of my entire class) I chose not to listen to a word he said about what I should be doing (he liked to tell me how to do my work, as oppose to letting the artist produce the art), for instance, I’d produce a piece of work and then get a comment back like “yeah – but I think the colour is all wrong and I think you should scribble all over that part, and chuck some paint at it or something (I presume so it looked nothing like my work at all and more like his). My favourite suggestion was “Why don’t you bang a nail into a piece of wood and take a photo? That’d look amazing”..mmmmhmmm sure, sure.

    So anyway, the course didn’t cover photography like they told me it would when I signed up, so I ended up teaching myself. And not that I’m one to blow my own trumpet, but I’d say I’ve done a pretty good job? AND because I just got on with what I wanted to do and didn’t listen to my lecturers fantabulous advice I ended up with a lovely shiny distinction. Win.

    Talent is not something you can be taught, so first born’s tutor can stick that in his smarmy pipe and schmoke it.

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