Saturday Soliloquy, Part 1

The household has been a hub of activities since 5 this morning when Lalla got up to take herself to the train station. Besides it being her usual training day for diving, it is also the All Schools Diving Competition event later this afternoon. Potato Bottom, The Small Shouty One, 7th Wonder and myself will be attending the event. Lalla called earlier to warn us that there were signal failures with her train and she was taxied for the 2nd half of her journey.

Here’s the 7th Wonder having an early lunch in a near butt naked state because we didn’t want her to get egg on her clothes.

Slaveboy is busy ferrying the two boys who are participating in the West Sussex Music Services concert today. Somewhere in between doing that, he’s going to have to chase our tenants for the shop rent if I’m going to afford the small fortune required for our visit to the Krispy Kreme shop.

It’s going to be a first in a very long time. The SniffSnort will actually be empty for a few hours today. I really do hope we don’t get burgled again. I can’t bear to lose yet another jar of Reese’s peanut butter.


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