Saturday Soliloquy, Part 2


The train journey today is being fuelled by the deletable and very sought after White Rabbit candy.

I have to say that the thought of taking three relatively small sproglettes on the train without the older ones filled me with slight trepidation. So much so that I forgot the croissants meant for the journey. I fear The Small Shouty One has yesterday’s panties on but I can’t smell anything so that’s ok, right?

The 7th Wonder is also only used to being hip-carried whenever we are out in town so it was a little tricky trying to coax her into the back-carrying Babyhawk sling. I was rewarded with her snotting my hair halfway down South Street.

I can’t really complain much. She’s currently sat on my lap on the train with her back to me. This is my view for the train journey.

I suppose that’s what her view was like in the sling earlier.


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