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A Trip To The Oriental Supermarket

This was today’s dinner. Rice cooked in coconut milk and with screwpine leaves, fried egg with a gingery sweet soy sauce, dried anchovies fried with a caramelised super spicy chilli paste, crispy bean curd stuffed with carrots and bean sprouts with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce and sliced cucumbers.

This was a bit of a nostalgia food thing as in Malaysia these form the basis of nasi lemak, except that often it is wrapped neatly into a parcel with banana leaves.

I’ve just recently been to Commercial Road in Portsmouth to see my most favourite tattooing duo, Darren and Mr. T. The pair really serve as my little bit of old Portsmouth, what with their foul language, non-political correctness and general salt of the earth-ness.

I also stopped by at the local Oriental food store just at the end of the road to stop up on some essential grocery. I picked up some screwpine leaves, or as we call them daun pandan.

The leaves are very aromatic and have plenty of uses. Pandan chiffon cake is definitely on the cards soon.

These baby pak choi and normal pak choi were well priced at just under £2 a bag. Enough pak choi to satisfy our large family.

I also resent paying 99p for a small bag of chillies where the most you would get is around 12 bird’s eye chillies. This bundle was £3.50.

And some fresh curry leaves. Essential for really authentic curries.

That’s all, folks. I’m off to eat some jelly. Tomorrow, I plan to cook you some authentic Malay curry.


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