For Sale

Grumpy. Bald. Five teeth. Prone to gas. Offering on the blogsphere as I was getting lame offers from my Facebook friends (I know who will be on the cull list for next time now, mwahahahahah).

I’m afraid there will be no baking related posts for a few days until I recover from this tooth infection and man flu.

Curses to all you fit and healthy people.



4 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. Lesley says:

    sorry to hear you’re crook – I’ve just started to feel better after 2 weeks of sinus/sore throat ‘fun’ so totally sympathise. Get well soon Grumpy xx

  2. Sam Sorci says:

    How was my offer not enough?! I dug right into the fluffy ends of my pocket to find that 16p I’ll have you know 😉

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