Brasserie Blanc, Chichester

Review: Brasserie Blanc Chichester

I uhhmmmmed and I ahhhhhhed about it. Brasserie Blanc has arrived in Chichester for quite some months now and I’ve been a bit reticent about visiting it. Then life became hectic and we simply forgot that it was even there – it is quite tucked away. However, during our little wandering in town the other day, we came across it again and decided that it was a good enough time to give it a go.

We hit the place just as the lunch time trade was beginning to come in. We were promptly shown to a table and served some complimentary sourdough bread with perfectly chilled butter.

Slaveboy had most of the bread as yeast does something a bit funny to my stomach (besides over inflating it).

The seating in the brasserie is done in such a way that you didn’t feel that you were sharing your conversations with the patrons next to you, which is a good thing because Slaveboy and I talk some real rubbish sometimes.

Water is offered as a standard, as far as I could tell and the house red apparently is very acceptable. We shared a chicken liver parfait and red onion marmalade with toasts.

And this was absolutely heavenly. The red onion marmalade went beautifully with the parfait and it was a perfect starter. I actually wished I had ordered my own as it really left me wanting more by the time we finished it.

For our main meal, Slaveboy had Hot smoked grilled mackerel, cucumber salad horseradish cream and chips. When the dish arrived, I actually could smell the grilled mackerel. I had to have a smidge and it was smooth, succulent and flavoursome. The chips were perfection and I secretly wished I had asked for a side order of it for myself.

I had the Grilled squid and courgettes, parmesan and roquette salad and this was a huge leap of faith as I had yet to be served squid that wasn’t tough or overcooked at a restaurant. And did I mention I hate salad?

This dish was a sweet harmony of all the ingredients. You almost, almost, wished there was more Parmesan and then arrive to the conclusion that a bit more would have been too much. The squids were cooked to perfection and again, full of flavour. The dressing, which I think had lemongrass and chillies in it was like a dark nectar, not at all overpowering the delicate flavour of the squids and courgettes.

And did I tell you that I really really hate salad?

I could have licked my plate clean, if it weren’t for the fact that it would cast aspersions on my character.

My verdict? It was the £30 lunch bill. I’d go again tomorrow, and I’ll be having dessert next time.


One thought on “Review: Brasserie Blanc Chichester

  1. Lindy Penny says:

    We loved it too when we went for lunch! Even considered taking the children as Raymond firmly believes in family dining and has a very sensible children’s menu!

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