The Sun Has Got Its Hat On

So Slaveboy, Potato Bottom, The Small Shouty One, The 7th Wonder and I took a wander into town.

That was after fishing my bank card from out of the washing machine and making sure that it was still useable. Had it not, we would have had to live on dried anchovies and noodles until a new card arrived.

We strolled over to the Sunday carboot sale where the 7th Wonder had her first ice lolly (no, I avoided reading the ingredient list) and I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time – about the last two children’s worth.

Slaveboy sort of took me rather seriously when I said that we needed lots of bananas and bought a large crate of them. And the same of satsumas and nectarines.

He did go all modest and only bought a pound of cherries.


The thing was, we had to carry them home. We kept feeding The 7th Wonder nectarines just to lighten the load.

It was hardly a Silent Sunday, but it was a laid-back one. Slaveboy didn’t even mind that The Small Shouty One thwacked him with a battery operated fly zapper.

How has your Sunday been?


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