48 Hours

I had a couple of crazy days of baking. Oh yes. It started with the Scooter cake above, which was commissioned for a wedding gift.

Then it was the two mushroom tarts.

And the fruit tea loaves.

The two challah bread.

The meringue base.

The two large trays of brownies.

And I seem to be stuck on the challah bread because I’ve made another two loaves today as the family have successfully demolished the best part of the original two I made two days ago. I’ve even had Facebook challah dough plaiting tutorials from my MILF friend, Judith, who kindly posted diagrams of various plaiting methods.

It all started pretty optimistically. After all, it’s only a simple 3 strand plait.

I knew where I was at. I’ve plaited hair plenty of times.

Errrr. Yeah.

And then I started getting a bit freaked out. A bit like my irrational fear of honeycomb patterns. I started feeling my stomach churn, and I couldn’t stop thinking of The Blair Witch Project (you guys must remember that film. I spent the best part of that film suffering from motion sickness). The dough sticks started reminding me of the cluster of twigs hanging off of the trees in the film. And I started feeling ick. And panicky. And a bit like I needed to wipe the sweat from my brow.

So I tucked everything in an under and shoved them on trays and headed out for some fresh air.

But here are the finished products.


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