Did You Miss Me?

It’s been a bit quiet around here recently. I’ve got five posts queued up but due to changing over phone providers, we somehow managed to get our broadband disconnected. The connection was reestablished a little less than a hour ago, which is pretty good considering they told us it’d be five working days from yesterday.

It’s a bit like having your arm cut off really. The 7th Wonder looked mighty forlorn as she is currently very into Bruno Mars and have been rocking to his music video on YouTube. I was all optimistic, thinking this would get the sproglettes doing more housework but that was pretty much wishful thinking. I dread to think just how much hammering my iPhone has taken in the last week but I’m sure I’ll be feeling it when my mobile phone bill arrives midway this month.

The weather has been holding up nicely and Chichester has been having its fair share of tourists.

And being town centre dwellers, so have we.

Slaveboy spotted one walking down our drive and relieving himself against a shrub at the end of the drive. Needless to say, he was brusquely ushered off the property by Slaveboy, who didn’t wait for him to finish. The last I saw of the ill-mannered stranger was him with pee-soaked jeans and Slaveboy chasing after him, telling him off loudly for what he was caught doing and poking him with a length of bamboo (it was pretty hilarious). You gotta wonder about people sometime. Where we live is VERY central in the town. The stranger actually walked past four of our downstair’s windows AND several or our young children at the computer in the dining room. The sproglettes did tell me that they spotted him on his motorbike, riding past with his girlfriend pounding her fists on his back repeatedly.

So, I’ll be posting up entries as fast as I can and I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys. I really must say how chuffed I am with the broad-spectrum of readers I am getting – not all bakers or cake enthusiasts, some from the home ed community, a fair few body modification collectors and a whole lotta derby girls. I’m gathering that you all don’t mind too much my lilting (hopefully) monologues and won’t mind that greatly that this post does not have a photo attached to it.

Catch you all soon, you hear.

I’ll be back.


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