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Izzy The Rockstar Goes To College

The first of two sproglettes has started his journey from home education to college today. Despite threats of having his hair washed by me, Izzy The Rockstar kept his cool.

Some of you might have read my post on how despite there being a statement from the current government that home educated 14-16 year olds are entitled for college course funding, West Sussex County Council has been dragging their feet and adamant that they are not required to make provisions to allow for this to happen, despite several other County Council having already set the precedent and footing the bill. So the £4231 college education bill is our responsibility as far as the Local Authority is concerned. Had Izzy The Rockstar been a school attending child, he would have been granted funding. Had he been a school attending child who have been excluded from school, he would have still been eligible for funding. The only factor that discriminates him here is the fact that he has been home educated.

Izzy The Rockstar has been very proactive in lending us a hand with the college fund kitty. He has been busking ad he has also recorded a CD of classical songs, under the mentorship of a local musician, Mike Fry. He’s set up a Facebook page here, if you are interested in making a purchase of the CD.

Both Slaveboy and I will be heading to London (and begrudgingly spending £50 for the train tickets which we feel would be better placed in his college fund kitty instead) for an All Party Parliamentary Group meeting to discuss the issue of college funding for home educated children. Neither one of us is feeling optimistic but we are keen to see the reaction from the MPs who will be present there tomorrow.

Until then, I look forward to Izzy The Rockstar returning from college. What a momentous day it is. It matters not to any one of us that he is no longer home educating as the purpose of home education was never to keep him in a bubble. It feels like he’s making a mark in the real world, proving that his home education has served the purpose of helping him retain his individuality and at the same time able to integrate with and contribute to his community.


One thought on “Izzy The Rockstar Goes To College

  1. Stacey says:

    I sent Izzy a PM on his page but haven’t have any details yet re purchasing CD, no worries if still setting up etc but didn’t want to not help 🙂 x

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