Change is a hard thing. Slaveboy finds it hard to adapt to changes but he is pretty upfront about it. I on the other hand give off the illusion of being laid back and peace child when in fact I’m mentally flicking the side of my thumb feverishly.
This week has been hard and that is coming from me who is prone to downplaying any hardship we are enduring. In the chaos and rush of getting Firstborn and Izzy The Rockstar settled into college, the rest of the sproglettes got pretty overlooked. The mini sproglettes are too young to understand what was going on and really a week into attending college, I don’t think they have really noticed very much that Izzy The Rockstar and Firstborn have not been around for some of the days. I do think they noticed the rather inventive meals but I made challah so I must have been forgiven.
There have also been other changes. Firstborn has finally declared The Boy who has been inhabiting our sofa, with his arm lovingly around her shoulders and sharing personal jokes as her new boyfriend. I shan’t tell you if I approve of it lest I jinx the relationship but let’s just say the first Victoria sponge he made, he made it for me.
And this is a super-huge change. I’m so happy for her and it’s amazing to see her so happy but the Mother in me aches a little. It’s a giant transition to realise that I am not the only person in the centre of her universe, one that I haven’t prepared myself for despite having done my best to prepare her for this rite of passage. And I wonder if this ache is more apparent for some of us home edders who have little or no experience of the typical rites of passage parents of school going children go through – first day of school, prom nights.

And finally (please excuse me for starting my sentences with ‘and’), today, at the age of almost 16 months, the Seventh Wonder started walking after toying with us with sneaky glimpses of her momentarily standing since 12 month old.
It’s the moment we have been waiting for since she was a month old after being told that she might never walk. It’s been like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Holding our breath whenever she almost managed it and quietly looking to each other, wondering how much to read into it when she just didn’t quite manage it.
So here’s to changes and the families that grow stronger through them, but here’s to sighs of relief and the realisation that nothing that matters has been lost.



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