We Can Do It!!!

…………but maybe not today, eh? And the rest of the week is looking pretty piss poor too.

It’s been a glum, glum, glum few days at the SniffSnort household. The equilibrium is somewhat out of skew and we are all struggling to just keep still.

However, Halloween’s has been and gone and the family undergoing post party slump. We tend to get a bit too excited about Halloween’s, what with the invitations being sent out in January.

This year, we received some glorious looking and locally grown pumpkins, courtesy of our friends Caz and Bid.

Halloween’s pretty much a family affair for us with everyone having a vested interest in making sure that the party does happen. However, that doesn’t stop the obligatory threats and bribery that I have to utilise from around a month before D-day. I tried the nicey-nicey approach, the ‘I am cancelling the party approach and telling all your friends on Facebook that it’s cancelled cos your room is a shit tip’ approach, the bad cop, good cop approach but truth be told, it’s all a little bit of a fine balancing act anyway. Tidy the house too far in advance, it’ll be wreck before we get to the day of the party, leave it too late, you’re sort of pulling an all-nighter and supping on Cheesy Wotsits (or Witches Toes they call them in Marks & Spencer’s) and putting the baby to sleep in a cardboard box because you’ve filled the bed with surplus guitars (oh yes, SniffSnorters, you can indeed have surplus guitars. Guitars are the equivalent of shoes for male guitarists – you can never have too many and you’ll never be too fat to have one/a pair).

The 7th Wonder resorted to eating freshly gouged cat’s eyes and eating the family heirloom’s Sailor Ted. There was too much salt in the Cheesy Wotsits for someone her age.

The older sproglettes, namely Izzy The Rockstar and Lalla took charge of carving the pumpkins.

Chunk came to help us put our sofa in Slaveboy’s van. If his hair gets any higher, we might have to consider moving somewhere where the doorways are loftier.

Check out K-9 in amongst the pumpkins. We have two of him. Not that we are Doctor Who obsessed by the way, No. Of course not. Never mind that our real dog is called K-9 too.

The nearest I came to pumpkins was when I made fondant ones for our Halloween’s cake.

I spent most of my Saturday baking like a mad woman, choosing to miss both my Friday and Sunday roller derby training because I simply couldn’t manage it all. I’ve been feeling a bit sore about that, but more with myself and having to deal with the fact that sometimes, you’ve got to just carry on moving even when things seemingly aren’t doing jackshit and trust that progress does not happen in a consistent linear fashion but more in stops and starts and some backtracking too. I’ve had a couple of glorious months lately with roller derby, although I probably have been coming across as being a bit too down about it all to some of my derby sisters (really not meaning to, grrls).

I was invited to train with the big girls, and with it comes the title of wench, albeit with a small w until I pass my minimum skills. It has been exhilarating but at the same time a little bit of that don’t wish too hard because it may come true. The training has massively progressed into competitive level and at times, it was tricky to keep it in mind that where I am performance-wise will always be a transient phase and I just need to trust the process and focus.

Afterall, this is exactly where I want to be.

And our Halloween’s? In true SniffSnorter household froufrou fashion, we rocked it. We had around 65 guests and at one point, the house was heaving with people packed so tightly there was little option but to just stand still. The sproglettes excelled themselves with the carved pumpkins – we loved them so much, we left them on display for a couple more days.

Yeah, ok. So we were too lazy and it was cold. Some of us actually felt like this.

The sproglettes dressed up.

Even friends who said they wouldn’t dress up actually made the effort.

I think some of the men wished he hadn’t but they were just jealous.

And here’s a photo of the Seventh Wonder’s toes. The Witches’ Toes kinda looked the same, but more orange and just as edible.

Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in the setting up of our Halloween’s party.


2 thoughts on “We Can Do It!!!

  1. Lesley says:

    love it! and it was a stonking party – even if my 3 year old DID fall asleep on my lap around 10pm (she had been up til gone 2am the previous two nights!). Thank you for cheering me up xx

  2. Sounds like fun. I wouldn’t feel bad about missing derby to set up for a party, derby will extract more than a fair share of your time (and blood and, if you are really unlucky, your teeth) as you progress.

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