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Dare I Mention It?

The Seventh Wonder, I am ashamed to admit, does not get to go out very often. It’s a carried on habit of mine, from when she was really ill and us still recovering from the experiences we had. It was only last week that she acquired her first ever winter coat.  

So what happened after her first ever outing in a very long time? Seventh Wonder caught a cold. And boy, hasn’t she made us ALL know about it.  

It’s approaching that time of the year now, when you feel compelled to make New Year’s resolutions. I’m often plagued by these lists late at night when the Seventh Wonder is refusing to go to sleep and I’m practically stapling my eyelids to my eyebrows.  
The biggest bane of my life, here in the SniffSnort household is keeping some modicum of order. I am quietly anally retentive and much as I adore the idea of flexible living, I simply can’t abide mess. It’s a complete amazement, I’m sure for those who know me in real life because our house is never organised and we are forever drowning in stuff. I think I do try to achieve it but when you have seven children and home educate them in a three bedroom house with no garden, it was bound to be a losing battle.  

My bed looks like this most morning when I wake up. We are the living embodiment of that favourite book of ours, The Biggest Bed In The World. Chaos and mess seem to breed like rabbits and all it requires is for me to make a slight attempt to have a life.  
So this coming year, Flourvonsponge is giving this method a go. I have the iPad app and the whole shebang. It’s the mother of all lists.  
So what’s your plan?  


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