Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 52

Over the past two years, our Basics black cat has managed to scratch and destroy most of my collection of shoes and boots. The house move three years ago meant that I now have non-paired shoes. Everytime I unbox what is left of my collection, I literally feel my womanliness seeping through the floorboards.
So tonight, thanks to some frenzied online purchase prompted by @rocknrollbride on Twitter, I am now the proud owner of a pair of these.

What is there not to like? They are reasonably heeled. They’re pink. The have cuteskie bling bling skulls on them. They smell of bubblegum.

And the PVCness of them are gonna so chafe my feet that I fear I might have to purchase some talcum powder. Do they still make the stuff?

And to those who are waiting for me to post something remotely baking related? I REFUSE to be typecast!


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