This Is Our 2011

And I am ready to lay it to rest. This year has been bittersweet, seeing us giddy and nauseous from the roller coaster ride that 2010 had presented us. Steeling our bellies, and struggling to regain equilibrium and initiate some momentum into our lives as a family. 

Blogging has been a release. A channel where I could focus on harnessing the ever-decreasing circle which had inhabited my mind for the past to years. It has also made me take up writing creatively as i am a passionate believer that everrything hinges on the telling, not the tale itself. 

Baking was an exercise in re-learning that some things are just a process, that you could mess up one component of a process and slow down its completion but these components are fixable, replaceable and afterall, part of the process. I sort of like to apply this concept to life itself, that rather than short, brief moments defining you forever, you’re actually involved in a process and that there is no race. You can see no one chasing you in the wing mirror. All you have is this unreaching horizon of what is the future and all you have tangible in your hands is the now.

Roller derby was a way to make peace with my physical self which at some deep rooted level, I felt had failed me when I was pregnant of the 7th Wonder. My physical self and I can look each other in the eyes now. 

It’s been an interesting exercise extracting the blog posts which I feel have caught the essence of me, and also the SniffSnort family this year. I’ve enjoyed reading again the posts I had written months ago, at a different point in my life, with probably slightly different aspirations.

So, here is my list of favourite blog posts. I would be very honoured if you accompany me in revisiting them, and perhaps leaving a comment, if you are so inclined.

See you on the other side, blogsphere.

Wonderwoman In Control Pants 

Rules Of Engagement In A Large Family 

Do You Always Believe What You Read?

Invasion Of The Familial Kind

Acting Your Age

Ditching The Mummy Mask

Sponge Bakes With The Small Shouty One

10 Things To Remember If You Choose To Home Ed

London Calling

Dirty Word

Objects In The Horizon


A Rose Is A Rose
Occupy Moffat


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