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Out Of The Mouth of Babes

Today’s words have been to, bed and see.

I’m sure ours is not the only household that has these magnetic words. Ours is about 10 years old and even now, they haven’t quite realised their true potential. The children have always pretty much ignored them, because let’s be honest, there aren’t any really good words in the collection, is there? My children can’t be the only young humans who didn’t regard words like the above as being worthy enough to stand in front of the fridge door for long enough without opening the fridge to suss out what treats might lay within.

However, don’t let it be assumed that I do not spot learning opportunities when they present themselves. Afterall, I am an old hand at this homeschooling lark.

So when the Seventh Wonder appeared from the kitchen, this time NOT with the giant tin of golden syrup, but with the magnetic word see in her mouth, I seized the moment for some impromptu Literacy (metaphorical) Corner.

Having retrieved see from her oral cavity, confiscated bed from her and vigorously explaining how a19 month old shouldn’t have to eat her words, the Seventh Wonder displayed clearly how young children do learn better when the learning is divided into small easily digestible pieces by popping into her mouth a tiny morsel of magnetic to.

And to think the annual form sent by the local Elective Home Education department does not have a tick box for such educational milestones.

*bed is keen for readers to know that it had no part in this and it was an innocent bystander.


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