Resolution 2012.01

This photo makes me snigger. I honestly think my legs look like someone has twisted them backwards and shoved them into the shoes the wrong way round. I’m pretty sure a podiatrist could diagnose my crappy arches from just this shot of my wonkily angled right ankle.

But today’s post isn’t about that or the fact that I think my right leg (the leg that works harder skating leftward at roller derby) is slimmer with a more defined ankle. Neither is it to discuss whether the tribal ink ought to be lasered off to make space for something more in-keeping.

This post is about the first of my many resolutions for this year.

And that is to wear high heels daily.

Besides the reasonable amount of vanity involved in this quest, which was somewhat fuelled by my most recent purchase, there is a certain type of crazy Sponge logic to it.

My feet ache most of the time. Since being pregnant with the Seventh Wonder, the feet pain has intensified. I had assumed that the pain might alleviate itself once I lose some weight but that hasn’t been the case. Instead, since taking up roller derby, I spend a lot of my time skating in excruciating pain. The middle of the sole of my left foot endures this ripping sensation from the heel to the ball of the foot within ten minutes of skating. There is crushing pain in my arch and the outer side of my foot.

So, with the orthotic insoles not really helping, the anti-inflammatories not quite working, and the arch strapping, and the endless cans of Deep Freeze, I’m going to apply some reverse psychology on my feet.

I spent my early twenties in ridiculously high high heels. Daily. I learnt to put up with the crushing pain. So that’s what I’m going to do again. I’m ditching the MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) shoes and I’m getting those heels back on again. I’m going to be so used to the pain, the agony my feet feel when they are in skates will be nothing in comparison.

Here’s to this little resolution. Send me Slaveboy weblinks of high heels that you think would compliment my cross dressing rugby player’s legs. Or send me shoes!!!!


2 thoughts on “Resolution 2012.01

  1. spiker says:

    If you want slavish fans to send you shoes, you are going to need to specify your foot size. Honestly, you’re not going to attract the foot fetish crowd if you don’t help them along a bit.

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