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The Scream

Depression is…………

Waking up in the morning, not looking forward to it and wishing the day would end. Then getting to the night and unable to sleep.
Sorry for being down, SniffSnorters, I never claimed this blog to be all happiness and light. I seem to have misplaced my proverbial happy pills. Be better tomorrow.Promise.

Addendum: so I wrote this yesterday decided to trash it. Thought it might be too depressing but the reality is, I like many other women, struggle with their sanity from time to time. Then I thought about how even more depressed I got when I would come across blogs written by perfectly groomed women about their perfectly ordered life, and they perfectly ironed out two-dimensional children and their painted white solid gold picket fences. I swear these blogs do to the soul what trashy beauty magazines do to one’s sense of self worth.

So I thought fuck it.

Today is better in parts because I can identify how ridiculously fatalistic I’m being. And that people are dying, children are starving when I was busy feeling sorry about the state of my house.

Tomorrow, I have skating. The sheer speed will turn me giddy and I shall return recharged. Giggling like a little girl, but hopefully minus the grazed knees.


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