Forty For 40

Forty For 40

Helen, a friend I have made on Twitter has inspired me to come up wth a list of things I would like to do by the time I get to forty. Here’s her tumblr blog chronicling her challenge.

Now, some of you more observant type would have noticed by now the counter widget displayed on the right side of my blog with a countdown of the number of months until I hit forty. Just so you know, this is by no means a countdown to the end of my life as I see it, but more of a kick up the butt for me to do various things before I intend to retire to a lifetime of lunching and leching after Ed Sheeren.

So here is the list. Rather than opting at random, I have given this some thought and I will try to highlight the reasons why in future posts.

  1. Pass my roller derby minimum skills test.
  2. Take part in a roller derby bout.
  3. Crochet a granny blanket.
  4. Do up my miniature shop.
  5. Deep squat 125kg.
  6. Write the family recipe book.
  7. Write my first novel.
  8. Do Warrior Dash.
  9. Marry Slaveboy again. This time intentionally.
  10. Bring in a personal income of £1000 pcm.
  11. Be on an 80% Paleo diet.
  12. Have a healthy waist-hip ratio.
  13. Engage in one act of civil disobedience. This one might not count. I’m not sure. I’ll consult with peers.
  14. Draw my first graphic mini novel.
  15. Learn to swim. Currently shopping around for an appropriate swimsuit (22.01.12)
  16. Replace the plaited hair in my remembrance pendant with a one made with a strand of each one of my children and Slaveboy’s.
  17. Get a throat tattoo. Appointment booked with Katriona MacIntosh for the Liverpool Tattoo Convention weekend (22.01.12)
  18. Take a monthly self potrait. First one due 14/2/12.
  19. Acquire a full sized carousel horse.
  20. Acquire a candyfloss machine with my spare change.
  21. Read a Noam Chomsky book which is not language related.
  22. Complete the NROL4W weightlifting program.
  23. Complete the NROL4A weightlifting program.
  24. Build a barbeque.
  25. Make one thing a week from Dan Lepard’s recipes. The first one will be attempted on 31st January. 
  26. Organise a tea party.
  27. Open my teashop.
  28. Have an awesome 40th birthday party. This could be combined with #9.
  29. Paper cutting.
  30. Complete a Rubik’s cube. Without peeling the stickers this time.
  31. Make raspberry, vanilla and pistachio nougat.
  32. Move.
  33. Double my annual blog traffic.
  34. Do the box split again.
  35. Make an embroidered bunting.
  36. Go visit Chief Fucking Arsehole in Edinburgh.
  37. Go to Glastonbury festival.
  38. Participate in sumo wrestling. There must be one somewhere. Hit me up, people.
  39. Go to a German Christmas market.
  40. Snog Tom Petty. Someone make it happen. If he’s too aloof, I reserve the right to switch him with William Elliot Whitmore. He’s in London in the summer. Aarrrrggghhh. So close but yet do far away. Sigh (22.1.12)

So……. Who’s joining me?


7 thoughts on “Forty For 40

  1. spiker says:

    Are you still thinking of going with the circus themed wedding? I so want that to happen. Also, I thought a patchwork quilt was on the agenda? Or is that sort of covered by the crotchet and bunting? I’m concerned about the crotchet tbh. You told me I was a witch making things out of holes – do I take it you are now on that slippy slope into crafting.
    Finally there appears to be no mention of anything taxidermy related. Is this an oversight?

  2. I did consider something taxidermy related but I reckon I wound be sorely disappointed if it didn’t involve anything bigger than a rabbit. I reckon I might need to enlighten help with fulfilling some of the list, and definitely I want a circus themed party/wedding.

    Wouldit be creepy if I said that I had planned the crochet granny blanket as a death shroud? Too much? Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that?

    I’m very aware that I have under four days to fulfil #25. Eeeeek.

  3. Omigosh, this is one epic list!! How the devil do you plan to achieve all of these? I mean that in a ‘hell yeh you can do it but won’t it need a lot of planning’ type way, and not a ‘woah you are just crazy to set so many goals at one time’ way of course 😉

    Hungry Jenny x

  4. Arrghhh. You’ll psyche me out. Err, I’m going to start with the Dan Lepard week one first. I’ll source the Noam Chomsky book. And worry about the others in two weeks time. Keep checking and cheering me on.

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