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Dan Lepard’s Coffee Scrolls


This post has been written several times. I’d got so far and my blogging application would crash on me, deleting the content in the process. I’ve been trying to solve the issue since Saturday and it is Wednesday now, needless to say I’ve given up and I’m starting again.


The weather in Chichester has been pretty freaky lately. We have just seen Slaveboy come running down our drive with hailstones and rain pelting down on him. The Small Shouty One is restless and as a consolation, Slaveboy is taking her to Zak Cool’s drumming session to find out if she is tall enough to reach the drum kit.


I made these coffee scrolls on Saturday morning. They’re Dan Lepard’s Guardian online recipe. I’m sure a few of you have read my Forty For 40 post, where one of my missives was to bake a Dan Lepard recipe a week. I’ve pretty much managed this, give and take a couple of weeks. I’ve been a big fan of Dan’s ever since my friend, Spiker lent me her copy of Dan’s Baking With Passion book and I’ll happily say that I have yet to come across a duff Dan Lepard’s recipe.


The recipe is simple and really, I do believe anyone can make these. The coffee variation of the scrolls does call for a simple sugar syrup, which the wasn’t a recipe for in the column but a quick Google would send you to many a quick and easy recipe for this. Don’t overlook this process as it is the sugar syrup that gives the scrolls that lovely sheen.


The dough was a little bit sticky but nothing a well floured pair of hands couldn’t deal with. I didn’t quite manage definite scroll-like pattern but I think they look pretty yummy.


The scrolls baked in exactly the amount of time stated in the recipe and do remember that these babies will continue to carry on cooking for a little while after they leave the oven.


They were soft inside with a slight crust and Slaveboy said that they were like how English (sorry, Australia) buns used to be like, not like the steamed to an inch of its life rubbish we get nowadays.

They would have made excellent breakfast buns – had they lasted til the next day. I did find half of one hidden away the next day though and I am happy to report that it was still soft and moist and perfect with a cup of coffee.



6 thoughts on “Dan Lepard’s Coffee Scrolls

  1. I love coffee scrolls – and yours look wonderful – they are one of my favourite things to eat in a traditional Aussie bakery. But they rarely have coffee in the icing (as I dislike coffee) – I am not sure why Dan put it in his recipe. I have always wanted to make them but am never sure how to make icing that tastes like plastic – so many dan is just moving away from it 🙂

  2. Hello! I’ve been reading through a few posts on your blog and I have to say that I love your honest, witty writing and clever insights into life as it progresses. You’ve also been a huge encouragement in regards to ‘parenting’ and life as a parent. I think I’ve always been under the impression that life-as-you-know-it stops once you have a child… but you seem to be achieving an awful lot, remaining pretty cool in the process! I’m an English born Australian and yes… I admit that ‘scrolls’, whilst being seen as an Aussie icon, were probably first invented in England. I’ve eaten many currant-studded iced buns in the UK… but I do like Dan Lepard’s sentiment in the posting of his recipe. The coffee icing sounds delicious. I love anything coffee, especially first thing in the morning. Did you try his lamington recipe also? Haha, I think he created some significant controversy by making the interior chocolate 🙂 Thanks for your lovely posts, the inspiration that you include in each one, and… well, just for being honest. I love that.

    • Hi Laura
      Thank you so much for leaving me that comment. It’s nice to know that my blog is actually being read by new people and people who actually ‘get’ me. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog too. Xxxx

  3. Catapurple says:

    Was looking for a coffee scroll recipe as just made hot cross buns which I loved and didn’t have all those extra “yucky” additives in them! I used to love buying a individual coffe scroll from a a milkbar which was wrapped in plastic wrap! So fresh and to die for! now they r so expensive,u can get them cheaper at the supermarket but they r on these shelves and u pull down the door to access so are exposed to air as they r not inclosed and are stale especially on the outside
    I thought they had coffee in them but it is just the coffee icing so should make it stronger then and have fruit and some spice added!

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