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Dan Lepard Saturday: (not) Supper Flatbreads

We couldn’t really wait til supper time (otherwise known as 2nd dinner time in the VonSponge household) to have these. These were incredibly easy to make. I literally rolled out of bed at ahem 11:45am, googled for the recipe, got the mixing bowl out and hey presto, 10 minutes later I was waiting for the dough to be ready or its first and only slight 10 second kneading.

I made the light whole wheat and honey crust flatbread but you have the option to make two different types. You can find the recipes here.

I have recently discovered that cooking, and that’s baking included keeps me sane. It’s a set of processes that if followed correctly, is highly rewarding and produces an end result that normally affords you with the dish washing get out clause card.

I didn’t have the right ingredients for the topping so I sweated 2 red onions in a pan with some olive oil. I then added to it sliced mushrooms and allowed this combination to cook until soft. I then let it drain in a colander as I didn’t think the flatbread needed the extra moisture during the baking process. I saved the mushroom jus for the gravy tonight. Not much gets wasted in this household. One of these days, the Sproglettes might have recovered enough from the porridge cake incident to be ready to recount the tale.

After roughly rolling out the flatbreads (each recipe yields 2 reasonable sized flatbreads), I placed these on oiled baking sheets. Dan’s instructions said to quickly placed the topping on and I went all Speedy Gonzales and there was goat’s cheese flying all over there. I’m retrospect, I probably could have taken the topping a lot nearer to the edge of the flatbread and I’ll definitely do this next time.

The flatbreads went into a preheated oven and again, like all the Dan Lepard recipes I have tried, they were done in the time advised by Dan.

They went down a storm. We had them for lunch (all 4 flatbreads) with a salad of rocket, cherry tomatoes, peppers and diced cucumber. Slaveboy made some creative thinking salad dressing which really complemented the meal.

It received the 7th Wonder seal of approval.

She’s always been very into her food, possessing a Hobbit-like attributes where she really does require elevenses and second dinners. The fact is, fact all of the sproglettes have been very pleasing to cook for. I’m one of those women who squirm quietly when others talk about what fussy eaters their children are.

I would seriously recommend you make these. They are ever so versatile and don’t skip on the sunflower seeds. They added a delicious dimension to the flavours.

Here’s to next week’s recipe.


2 thoughts on “Dan Lepard Saturday: (not) Supper Flatbreads

    • My husband made these today for lunch (again) as all the children (all seven) love it! The rye flour (for the honey version) really added something to it. I know have friends who are going to try this recipe because they were so impressed with the banana bread recipe.

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