2012, cream, lemon, panna cotta

Lemon Panna Cotta


Kitty loves cream


These are so delicious and stupidly easy to make. Nevermind what the weather is doing, not very much other than making me miss Malaysia, we all could do with an injection of lightness and brightness. These Panna cotta are creamy, light, zesty and tantalising on the palate. It’s less faff than making a cake, not that faff should ever put you off from cake making. You must remember, nothing great is Ever born from taking the easy option.


200ml double cream

550ml single cream

I unwaxed organic lemon, zested

100g caster sugar

2tsp gelatine powder



Just remember this. It’s easy peasy, lemon squeeze-y. Don’t overthink this do it.

If you’re planning on inverting the Panna cotta, then I suggest you lightly brush some mild cooking oil in the inside of six mould. I made double the above recipe and used the ice cream sundae bowls I’ve inherited from my mother-in-law.

Put the two creams, sugar and lemon zest into a heavy pan and slowly bring the mixture up to boil. Not a rolling boil, think gentle! Take the pan off the heat.

You want to take 150ml of this cream mix into a small bowl and sprinkle the gelatine powder on to the mix. Stir well until completely dissolved.

Now go catch up on some TV or reading while these two mixtures are cooling to room temperature. I’ve been really slumming it and have been catching up with the last bits of True Blood and my chums on the online midwifery forum that I belong to have completely scuppered my sleep by introducing me to 50 Shades of Gray.

Once the mixtures have cooled, combine them together in a large pouring jug and stir well. Divide them into the six moulds, or in my case, ice cream sundae bowls. Chill for at least four hours.




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