2012, Birthday, Chichester, children

Five Days of Ninja Caramel

It’s been five days since my last post and it’s Slaveboy’s birthday today. We are taking it easy and being low key and I’ve extracted him from the house so that the children could have a break. I’m currently writing this from The Park Tavern in Chichester, recovering from our mammoth lunch.



I’ve spent the past four days making caramel for the elusive and perfect millionaire’s shortbread. Every single component and process has been chopped and changed, we have been eating four different types of millionaire’s shortbread.


The sticking point is now the caramel. I’ve got the flavour perfect ……… but can I get it to be the right density?



Too fudgy. Too runny. Too chewy and just downright toffee. The wonderful Anne from I Heart Cupcakes tried gently to tell me that what I need is a can of condensed milk and hours of boiling but the geek in me is desperate to crack this caramel for millionaire’s shortbread.

So until my post on the most perfect millionaire’s shortbread, here is the 7th Wonder who has discovered jumping and dancing to Mika’s song, We Are Golden.







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