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Clandestine Cake Club: Diamond Jubilee Cake

What a giddy sugar fuelled evening this has been. It was Chichester’s 2nd Clandestine Cake club meeting and the theme this month was Jubilee Cake. I suspect many other Cake Clubs have been and will be holding similar themed meetings.


There were quite a few familiar faces there and some new members too. I have to say the atmosphere was a lot more laid back this month – probably due to having broken the ice last month.


To be honest, it felt rather decadent to be meeting up with random strangers from off the Internet to indulge in the pleasure of eating too much cake for the sheer hell of it.


A not so random act of enjoying the baking passions of strangers in public places.


We had eleven bakers today with thirteen in attendance. Everyone was free to try out the cakes at their own pace and conversations (there were more than one happening simultaneously) flowed freely.


I was very heartened by the effort everyone had put in, they all joined in with the whole feel and spirit of it.


There was the structurally perfect chocolate bundt cake with the fruit filled creamy surprise.


The ever so cute and quirky Battenberg, or window cake as my children call it.


The golden crown shaped gutsy ginger cake.


Pip’s English madeleine cake was a bit of an cake education for me. I’d never come across the English version before.


Our new last minute baker turned up with a simple but well executed sponge cake.

Our second delightful Battenburg cake. Just the right amount of marzipan covering.



This one had a very classical Jubilee Cake look to it. The filling was velvety and complemented the cake beautifully.


I loved the look of this one.


I am particularly fond of the look of this Bakewell cake. There is something about how the redness of the cherries just pop out from the optical white icing.


I love the attention to details that this cake had. The handmade Union Jack bunting was the perfect finishing touch.


This was my contribution. A lemon chiffon with lemon cream and a white chocolate ganache flavoured with elderflower and lemon.


I took plenty of photos and suffice to say that we all had our fill of cakes. As last month, we had cakes to take home for breakfast tomorrow.





If you are interested in having a look at last month’s Chichester Clandestine Cake Club entries, you can do so here.

For more details about the Lemon chiffon cake that I made for this month’s meeting, you can read about it here.

If you are wanting to find out more about the Clandestine Cake Club, this website is the place to go.


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