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Vegan Friendly Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Congratulations for not having abandoned me upon reading the word VEGAN. Believe me, this cake tastes amazing vegan or not. It is moist and chocolatey and not at all dense or akin to consuming dust and air.


Being a cake geek, I tend to sample any cake that is put in front of me. I’ve had a few vegan friendly cakes in my time and the experience has been very much limited to very dense but dry cakes or ones that crumble to nothing due to the lack of a binding agent.

This cake is an adaptation of an old vegan chocolate cake/chocolate cupcake recipe I had. I used to be dubious about making large vegan cakes, preferring to make them in small cupcake sizes as to optimise the moisture level in the cakes.

For this cake, I added a whole jar of raspberry jam which I had pushed through a sieve to remove the pips. I used a Bundt cake tin, thinking that the doughnut shape would give it more of a structure and help reduce the crumbling factor that is evident in many vegan cakes I’ve had.


Please excuse this post for being a short one. I’m recovering from a cold and have now developed raging hayfever.


200g plain flour

200g dark muscovado sugar

4tsbp of cocoa powder

1tsp bicarbonate of soda

1/2tsp of sea salt

5tbsp of sunflower oil

1tbsp of vanilla extract

1tsp of cider vinegar

250ml raspberry jam (I basically empty a jar of raspberry jam into a measuring jug and make up the difference with water and mix well)

Chocolate Glaze

1/2cup of dark chocolate chips

1tbsp of sunflower oil

Raspberry Glaze

25g raspberries

50g sifted icing sugar



method for cake

Preheat oven to 180C (160C fan oven). Grease a Bundt tin or a 20cm round cake tin.

Sieve the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, bicarbonate of soda and salt into a large mixing bowl. You might have to crumble the sugar with your fingers.

Sieve the content of a jar (295g approx.) of raspberry jam through a sieve and discard the pips. Place the jam in a measuring jug and top it up to 250ml with water.

Add to the raspberry mixture, the oil, vanilla extract and code vinegar. Mix well.

Add the fluid to the flour mixture and mix well with a hand held mixer or table top one for 3 minutes. The mixture will be the consistency of a spreadable paste.

Pour the mixture into the tin and bake for 30-40mins but do check at 30mins. You want a cocktail stick to come out with just a few crumbs on it.

Allow to cool for half and hour and unmould onto a cooling rack.

While the cake it cooling, make the chocolate glaze and raspberry glaze.

Put the chocolate and the oil in a bowl over a double boiler and gently melt. Mix with a wooden spoon and pour over the still warm cake.

For the raspberry glaze, push the raspberries through a sieve, scraping the underside of the sieve for surplus raspberry purée. Mix well with the sifted icing sugar. Using the handle end of a spoon, dip it into the raspberry glaze and zig zag drizzle the glaze over the cake. The raspberry glaze lifts the earthy flavour of the chocolate glaze and enhances the raspberry flavour in the cake.

Seriously, try this cake. It’s not sawdust and stodge cobbled together. This is the chocolate cake that you could make for a party and you wouldn’t need to make a normal one for the non-vegans.



2 thoughts on “Vegan Friendly Raspberry Chocolate Cake

  1. This cake is utterly lush! I’ll admit, I only tried it because I have a vegan friend around whom I always feel guilty when the cakes get brought out. As a surprise I made this in cupcake form for a day out. The texture is brownie-esque and you would never know there were no eggs or butter in there such is the moist, gooey-ness of the cake. As testimony to it’s yumminess my boys (who are in no way adventurous when it comes to cake or strange textures) have asked me to make it again, in double the amount. I can see it becoming a firm fave in our house. Thanks m’dear x

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