While I Was Away….,

I do hope you’ve concluded that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth by the fact that I’ve been posting regular Silent Sunday posts. The last our weeks have been giddying frantic what with the reparations or my Whipped & Baked pop-up bakestall in Chichester. True to Von Sponge fashion, I left myself very little time from deciding to do the pop-up bakestall (8 weeks ago) to the actual date of starting trading (2 Saturdays ago).

Aside from the expensive practicalities of buying a metal construction market stall (I watched a friend’s gazebo stall snap in the wind and decided that I was of a too nervous predisposition to gamble with a gazebo), there were marketing to be done, cake menu to be decided upon and stall decorations to e made.

A friend I’ve made through roller derby who is also an apprentice tattooist, Samo White of Kiss My Ink in Petersfield painted this outrageously fabulous in for me.


I can’t tell you just how many people came up to my stall having been drawn by the painted board. I just love how unique it looks, so not corporate and sterile.


In between spotting amazing looking cars parked outside substandard coffee shops,

bagging a £4 bargain at the carboot sale,


stopping by at our local pub for a bite to eat,


and standing at the edge of a lay by on a busy dual carriageway so that I can take a photo of an old fire engine,


Slaveboy and our good friend, Bid managed to clear the grounds of the spot I was going to trade at,


Firstborn painted my chairs,


and I attended my third Clandestine Cake Club meet with my strawberry whip cake.


I had such plans to blog about all of this separately, but my time was taken up by a wisdom tooth extraction and a visit to my tattooist.


We also took time out during the Queen’s Jubilee weekend to visit some friends for an outdoor tea party and barbeque.


It was very wet. It didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves and top marks to Slaveboy for cooking our food in the rain. I only made the cakes, in the comfort of my indoor and dry kitchen.


So how did my stall do on that first Saturday, you might wonder? It went splendidly. I thought it was going to flop and that I’d be going home with takings of under £50 but I was wrong. The stall caught a lot of attention, and what with friends turning up to support and using Twitter to create a local interest, the stall was sold out by 3pm.

The second week, despite the threat of rain, was even more a success. I had repeat customers and a number of people tweeting about it on Twitter and mentioning my stall on Facebook.


I’ll be signing off now. The 50+ hour week I’ve been having lately have been a killer. Promise to post soon. Don’t go anywhere. Kiss kiss and all that shizzle.


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