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More than bite sized Iced Gem

I’m writing this in bed with The 7th Wonder fast asleep beside me. I still call her baby despite her being 2 years of age. The 7th Wonder has discovered the delights of independence and has taken to rearranging my baking cupboard. Any opened bags of marshmallows never stay full for very long with her around.


It’s the day of my local Clandestine Cake Club meet and the theme is Little Cake. Big Cake and I must admit after being out for a rather lengthy lunch with my long time cranio-osteopath, Gabriel Konrad, the last thing I wanted to do was bake.


I’ve known Gabriel since Izzy the Rockstar was 6 months old. I had gone to him after having spent a few months with limited movement from my neck down to my spine following 10 attempts to site an epidural which in the end was not effective. He basically fixed me using cranio-osteopathy in one session and I have been seeing him on an off ever since, the later being for my roller derby related strains and fractures.

We had juice and ate venison burgers and shared a bowl of peppered fries. We talked about love lives (his obviously as he’s single, I rarely hear married people talk about their love lives), sex lives (mine because it’s good to reassure single folks that married folks do get freaky with each other), midwifery (almost 4 years on, people still do ask me if I am going back – usually at this point, I imagine Hotel California playing in the background), cakes and the trickery of making meringues and also a brief moment of numerology where I’ve discovered that I am indeed a Wizard Alchemist and that that is why, SniffSnorters, I never got into role playing Dungeons & Dragons – I didn’t need to pretend to be a wizard because I was one in real life already. I also had a go at feigning über coolness when trying his Cuban cigar but failed miserably when my eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out of their sockets and that speech was failing me.

However. By around 9pm, I realised that if I didn’t bake this Clandestine Cake Club cake then, I would be running so behind with my other bakings the next day.

My plan was to make a giant (it’s all relative) Iced Gem. It was going to be a lemon cake base sandwiched together with lemon curd (I hope as I haven’t done this process yet) and to complete the look, I was going to make a pink meringue gem top.

I started off with making the meringue top. I got slightly sidetracked with Slaveboy and making a quick quiche that when it came to the time to put the meringue top in the oven, I forgot to reduce the temperature the oven momentarily. It was ever so brief but just enough to cause snake slithery patterns of cracks forming on the meringue top right before my eyes.


And it ended up looking like this.

And to make matters a little bit trickier, it was far too big for the lemon cake base.

I divided my lemon drizzle cake batter into two makeshift cake tins – these claypots that my Mother brought for me from Malaysia. I’ve hardly ever used it but the inside of the pots is glazed and they are both oven and stove top compatible. They’re great for cooking the rice for Hainanese Chicken Rice, a favourite dish of mine.


I sandwiched the two lemon cakes with homemade lemon curd and pretty much hoped for the best. The meringue top version no.2 had a crack in it but at least it didn’t resemble like a spent volcano like the original one.

I’m not going to include the recipe with this post as this isn’t the best way to bake the delicious lemon drizzle cake. That’ll be for another post but until then, here’s the finished product. I suspect it’s a bit too small for tonight’s cake club as we are expecting a really good attendance.



5 thoughts on “More than bite sized Iced Gem

  1. Lesley E says:

    it looked great this afternoon – how did it go down? What other mini cakes got supersized? Thanks for all your help btw, much appreciated xx

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