Chichester, Clandestine Cake Club

Clandestine Cake Club Chichester: Christmas Theme

Seize the day, or in my case, I should’ve seized yesterday. It’s past lunchtime and no one is yet to get any food as I’m sprawled on the sofa with both The Small Shouty One and The Seventh Wonder fast asleep on me.

The Small Shouty One is running a temperature and with a headache while The Seventh Wonder has temporarily expired following her outrage over the length of the olive flatbread she was offered.

Tomorrow, the Art Deco wardrobe I rescued from being hacked to pieces will be arriving. We’ve yet to actually remove the built in wardrobe in its entirety.
Tomorrow is also the Christmas themed Clandestine Cake Club meeting, for which I haven’t even decided what to bake yet.

Tomorrow is also the day before the cake I’ve been commissioned to make is due to be picked up.

But forget tomorrow because tonight at I’m actually supposed to be at recreational roller derby training and I’m supposed to have done the lesson plan for it.

Yes, somehow in amongst all this, I’m helping home educate my children and so far, I’ve yet to produce a socially inept village idiot.

This would have been what you would’ve read yesterday if I had actually finished writing it.

Fast forward to Wednesday and I was finding myself with the task of making this commissioned cake. Helen, the organiser of our local Clandestine Cake Club meet kindly suggested that I just came as a +1 as I was struggling to see a window of opportunity to band for our Christmas themed meet later in the evening.

I woke up determined to rustle up something. Anything. on e I’d got the commissioned cake InThe oven, I got on with concocting my cake. I’d run out of caster sugar so had to make do with soft light brown sugar. As I was mixing up what appeared to be the makings of a vanilla sponge, I decided to add quite a few glugs of Baileys.

By around 4pm, I has just got my cake out of the oven. I made a marshmallow icing, abandoned all plans to name a honey whiskey marshmallow icing for fear that it might split and I simply don’t have time to experiment.

I kept the decorations simple as I really was running out of time and dug out some vonSponge family heirloom ceramic Christmas decorations which we uncovered while sorting out the contents of the cupboards in this house. These decorations must have been around 40-50 years old and I swear one of them was a likeness of Slaveboy when he was a bonny ginger haired young boy.


We’ve been very fortunate with our cake club. The venues we’ve approached have been very supportive and wiling to give us the space without even charging us. They’ve even gone as far as laying out the table for us.

This month’s theme was Christmas. As usual, everyone turned up with their offerings, all eager to tuck into the vast array of cakes on the table. I absolutely love the cake club. It’s developed organically and all the people present are absolute dedicated lovers of cakes. As one of the participants said, where else could you eat more than two slices of cakes and it not be frowned on?

So here they are, all the luscious loveliness.












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