2012, bakery, cake, Chichester

In Pursuit of Cake Revelry


We are finally taking the plunge. For years, Slaveboy and I have tentatively talked about opening a business together. Over the years, I have been indulging myself with some prolonged market research by taking my cake stall to the Brighton Tattoo Convention and next year will be the fourth year running. Recently, I took up the challenge of setting up a pop up cake stall on a privately owned ground next to a shop that Slaveboy owns. I didn’t really know where it was going to take me but after almost six months of operating a stall for Saturdays, the general consensus is that there are indeed true cake revellers out there who are tired of the mass produced, margarine laden and artificially preserved baked confections which are dominating the cake market.

So, for the next few months, I’ll be chronicling our journey through the whole myriad local council that seem to be less than keen to support local businesses (I might be wrong), environmental health inspections, sourcing out local small independent suppliers and also bundle all that up with raising seven children.

See you guys on the other side. Don’t forget the sweeties.


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