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Dancing In Her Converse

I know I’ve been ranting like a good ‘un and I thought, for balance, I would share with you the talents of my eldest daughter affectionately referred to as Firstborn on here.

Firstborn is a very keen photographer and currently studying at Level 3 on a BTEC Graphics & Photography course. Firstborn was one of our 2 children who were accepted at the younger age of 15 onto the Level 2 Art & Design course last year purely on the merit of her portfolio and the impression she gave at the interview. Having been home educated since the age of 7, Firstborn has avoided going down the GCSEs route. She completed the Level 2 course last year with a distinction.

Firstborn is probably one of the most amazing young women I’ve ever known. She’s sassy, conscientious, opinionated and passionate – qualities which I feel many young women struggle to hold on to under the societal’s pressures of thinking they need to be pretty, witty, pleasing and compliant. She is definitely the 17 year old I would have preferred to have been at her age.

I think she takes such beautifully evocative photographs. Firstborn appreciates the encouragement that she receives on her Facebook photography page, after all when you are that young, it takes a lot to be so open about what you are passionate about, for fear that the response might be less than encouraging.

But occasionally, something will rub someone up the wrong way. No matter what your original intention was.

This one stirred a fair bit of response.



Thankfully, others did not think it too.


If you are in the Chichester area and surroundings, and you are looking for a photographer, Firstborn is available for commission work. She’s long stopped accepting Oreos as payment and is now very keen to see hard cash for her hard work. 😉

Firstborn maintains both a Facebook page and a WordPress photography blog. She would be very thrilled if you would wander over and have a look.

Dancing In My Converse

Nadia Stephens Photography


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