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It’s that catch up post where I talk about the stuff I have been up to in the first month of 2013.

Some of you might remember the Firstborn who is very passionate about photography. In January, a couple of her photographs were chosen for an exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. We took a special trip there together and had a grand time going around the gallery.


The bottom photograph is Firstborn’s and it’s of the Small Shouty One.


Firstborn obviously loves being in front of the camera. Here she is impersonating Pikachu.

And yes, that is a photograph of my legs.

I also took some photos of the Russian Criminal Tattoos. This is one of my favourites.


January also saw Izzy The Rockstar coming along to the Open Mic Night in Chichester. Izzy The Rockstar is about to start his Higher National Diploma in Jazz Music and will be graduating with a Jazz degree by the age of 19. The Open Mic Night is a laidback music filled evening with impromptu performances by local musicians. It’s a supportive community where all talents are nurtured and given the space to perform. Izzy has been throwing himself into the deep end by jamming with other musicians.

I took a few photos of the usual suspects. They’re literally local legends of Chichester.




Obviously, there have been more happenings but like all things on the Internet, if there are no pictures, then it didn’t really happen. 😀


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