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Thirty One didn’t happen.. So have thirty instead

In a nutshell: After several years of deliberating about it, I’m finally taking the plunge and opening a bakery in Chichester. The dream is to have a bakery which sells decadent cakes made with al ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. The perfect time finally came along when a shop premises that has been in our family for over three generations finally became available again. These posts will chronicle our process of getting the shop reading for opening, hopefully in less than forty days.

It was Lalla’s 15th birthday yesterday. I do sometimes miss the type of birthdays we used to have when the children were much younger. You took the day off and there would be balloons and presents and wrapping peppers strewn everywhere. I would be presented with a rather complex drawing of a much wanted birthday cake.
However this time, it was pretty low key. I think Lalla was somewhat touched by the realisation of her own mortality, especially when her most favourite baby sister is a good 12 years younger than her. Lalla even joked about moving out at the age of 18, taking the 7th Wonder with her and telling everyone that she is in fact a young mother.
We waited for Lalla to return from her competitive diving training and say down for a birthday dinner together. We had crispy aromatic duck (two ducks to be precise) with 50 Chinese pancakes. For dessert, we had a pavlova since Lalla hadn’t requested for a cake.


Today, real work has started at the new bakery. The skip arrived early this morning and Slaveboy was there with our friend, Bid the Bountiful to start work on taking down the stud wall. I haven’t been to the bakery today. I’m on mummy duty and currently rushing through this post whilst both the 7th Wonder and the Small Shouty One are busy watching 64 Zoo Lane.






7 thoughts on “Thirty One didn’t happen.. So have thirty instead

  1. wow! Could Chi see the beginning of it’s very own success story like Choccywoccydoodah….? Can i come and have a chat and will dedicate one of my Woman in Business columns to you?

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