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Twenty Nine Days

In a nutshell: After several years of deliberating about it, I’m finally taking the plunge and opening a bakery in Chichester. The dream is to have a bakery which sells decadent cakes made with al ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. The perfect time finally came along when a shop premises that has been in our family for over three generations finally became available again. These posts will chronicle our process of getting the shop reading for opening, hopefully in less than forty days.

Somewhat of a day trundling along at a leisurely pace. Both Slaveboy and I took time out to have a hot drink at the nearby Belle Isle, where we were joined by several other home educating friends. Smiles are always in abundance here and so are support and tolerance, plus that mutual appreciation of the knowledge that it is a space to just be.

Work at the bakery carried on from yesterday and the skip has been filled full. Slaveboy has been tidying up as much as he could and our builder friend will be coming in on Monday.

As always, I have taken photos and the 7th Wonder has been to have an obligatory visit of the bakery.

Strangely enough, 7th Wonder has never seen the inside of the bakery even when it was a guitar shop but she certainly has been there. 7th Wonder was conceived in the flat above the bakery, where Slaveboy’s father was born and had lived. Our child no. 4, Potato Bottom was also born in the living room upstairs 12 years ago.

Both Potato Bottom and 7th Wonder were having a grand time playing hide and seek behind imaginary walls

I finally managed to get a photo of the outside of the shop.

I also got to try out the panoramic photo function of my new iPhone 5 (such a geek, I know) and got a pretty interesting photo of the inside of the shop.

Have a good weekend, Cake Revellers. Catch you tomorrow.


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