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Twenty One Days

In a nutshell: After several years of deliberating about it, I’m finally taking the plunge and opening a bakery in Chichester. The dream is to have a bakery which sells decadent cakes made with al ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. The perfect time finally came along when a shop premises that has been in our family for over three generations finally became available again. These posts will chronicle our process of getting the shop reading for opening, hopefully in less than forty days.

It’s been a miserable old day in Chichester today. It just rained and rained and our poorly heated house was struggling to keep warm. We were a couple of children down with both the Small Shouty One (6) and Potato Bottom (12) away at sleepovers.

Slaveboy and I spent yesterday morning in the company of our home edding circle being the only two drinking cocktails at 11 in the morning. Some attributed our act of debauchery to the fact that it was our wedding anniversary but to be honest, neither Slaveboy nor I are that particularly adverse to the idea of spending our loose change on cocktails at any time of the day.

Today was day that the electrician came to sort out the wiring at the bakery. After 40 odd years of having been various incarnations of a retail shop, the bakery has acquired a maze of wirings, some no longer in use. Slaveboy did try to explain to me just what exactly was being done and all I can remember is the mention of ring main and not much more.

My tattoo artist friend, Samo turned up with R, her girlfriend (and a beloved friend of mine) to have their first look at the bakery. I actually relish at the fact that so far, all the work that has been put into the bakery has been done by friends. Samo is currently working on the bakery’s logo. She’s made a conscious effort to steer away from the polished, digitised look and drew inspirations from my other passion – tattoos.

I can show a sneaky peek but you’ll have definitely wait a bit longer for the full picture.


Our builder friend, Percy the Pirate has been busy preparing the bakery for the mammoth undertaking of tiling the preparation area behind where the counters will be. Percy has been a long term friend of ours and pretty much an honorary uncle to both the Small Shouty One and the 7th Wonder.


Other than that, I’ve been busy preparing my shopping list for my stall at next weekend’s Brighton Tattoo Convention. So far the blocks of butter tally is at 37 and I’m at the 18kgs of sugar mark.



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