2013, Chichester, children

Hey Ho, Let’s Go

The 7th Wonder was pretty made up yesterday and has been so for 24 hours or so. Whilst out shopping with The Small Shouty One, where we purchased froufrou skirts and Hello Kitty socks, Slaveboy found a Ramones tee shirt identical to the one which 7th Wonder had outgrown a year ago.


Firstborn, a.k.a. Barnerbread recognised a great photo opportunity and managed to get 7th Wonder to agree to a photo shoot – it normally doesn’t take much persuading really. She decided on the retro Care Bear herself and after several attempts to get her to smile, Firstborn just told her to be natural.

I think it’s an awesome photo, and I just wanted to share this with you. I’ve got stories to tell about the bakery and how close we are to opening, about Potato Bottom deciding to join a dance school and also about last night when some random woman in a pub asked me if I would take her to the toilets and show her ALL of my tattoos but for now, I think this photo deserves the spotlight.


She’s posted a couple of photos and they seem to have brought upon a certain level of nostalgia in various people because of the retro CareBear.



5 thoughts on “Hey Ho, Let’s Go

      • Brodie (now 9) solves conflicts of desire by wearing all the items he currently likes best, either at once or in rapid rotation. The piles of discarded clothes on his bedroom floor would rival those of most teenage girls.

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