2013, Chichester

Whipped & Baked Needs You

CAKE REVELLERS: We need your help.

This blog post of mine had near 1000 hits the day it was published. Chichester Observer has been over to interview us about our views and just this morning, we had an unannounced visit from the Planning Officer telling us that he has had one complaint about our wall.

This is what we need:
Chichester Observer’s photographer is coming to photograph the wall on Tuesday morning. We would like to get a group of people to be present in this photo. If you’re local to Chichester, please come and support us if you can.

And if you can’t make the photoshoot at 11:45 this coming Tuesday and you actually think that perhaps the Council is better suited to direct its resources to more important matters at hand (like answering those long overdue Freedom of Information requests they have to by law answer within a time limit), you can let your views be known to the officer who visited us today.
Here is his email address.

Elockett at Chichester dot gov dot uk

Or you can just tell him that you love the painting. Maybe he would visit us again to pass on that message. I’d like to think he’s paid to serve the likers as well as the haters.


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